Antique work: Handwork, using zari materials, given a look like very old & tarnished once.


Champa & Beejia: A lace made by Gota, twisted like a series of Triangles.


Chaniya: A type of skirt, also called Lahanga (Indian ladies traditional garment).


Choli: A woman's Blouse usually tight-fitting.


Chunni: An unstitched length of fabric, normally 2.25 Meters to 2.75 Meters in length and 45” in width. A part of Indian women’s traditional garment, also called Dupatta.


Dapka: A shiny zari material in a soft & smooth tubular (spring) shape made out of fine shining metal-wire.


Dress Material: Unstitch material for Salwar-Kamiz..


     Dori: A cord made by twisting zari / silk threads.


Ganga-Jamna: A work using a combination of Silver & Golden materials.


Gota-Patti: Leaf made from Gota, by folding or by cutting.


     Gota-Phool: Different flower-like shapes made by Gota.


Gohkroo: A Gota stripe shaped, as to look like a series of Pyramids or Diamonds.


Lahanga-Chunni: A traditional party-wear for ladies; consisting of three pieces: Lahanga (Chaniya), Chunni & Blouse (Choli). It’s also known as Chaniya-Choli


Kora: Dull zari material in a soft & smooth tubular (spring) shape made out of fine mat finish metal-wire.


       Kangna: A dull zari material in a hard tubular (spring-like) form, made out of fine mat-finished metal- wire.


Kundan: Stones or crystals for use in embroidery, available in many colors.


Kroshia work: Knitted embroidery work, with the help of Crochet-hook.


Mukaish work: A type of handwork, with using fine flattened metal wire. It’s also called ‘Baadla’ work.


Palav: Front (mainly showing) end of a Saree and both ends in Dupatta or Chunni.


Real Zari: Zari material made by Gold/Silver metal.


Salma: Also known as Bullion, a dazzling zari material, like a Hexagon shaped soft spring, made out of fine flat shining metal-wire.


Sitara: A zari material, like a flat round circle with a hole in centre. Available in various size & shapes, also called Tiki, sequin.


Saree: An unstitched length of fabric, normally 5.5 Meters (6Yds.) in length and 45” in width. An Indian women’s traditional garment.


Saree-Border: A hand-worked lace for a saree, normally 9Yards (8 meters approximately) in length.


Salwar-Kamiz: A traditional dress of Punjab popular in all over India consists of three pieces: Salwar (Pajama), Kamiz (Kurta) & Dupatta (Chunni). Also called Punjabi-Suit & Punjabi-Dress.


Zardozi: A type of Handwork, using mainly Zari Material (Kasab, Kora, Dapka, Salma, Sitara etc.).


Zari:  A kind of glittering embroidery thread, made by wrapping fine flat metallic wire over cotton or silk thread, generally used in zardozi work, Available in various thicknesses (also called Zari Thread, Kasab, Kalabattu or Tilla).